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Whatever your storage or organization dilemma, we’ve got your solution! Proslat is a complete organizing solution for garages and homes. Products are designed to provide functional, modular storage and provide superior quality and value.

ProSlat SlatWall

SlatWall & Accessories

Proslat SlatWall takes storage and organization to the next level. The heavy-duty, versatile SlatWall system is designed to be modular, simple to install and easy to re-configure as often as you like.
ProSlat Cabinets


With 5 different designs, each available in multiple colors, ProSlat’s selection of cabinets will instantly transform any garage.
ProSlat Flooring


Transform your garage floor into a work of art with ProSlat flooring. ProSlat flooring is a polyaspartic coating that whe applied, makes for a rock solid, tough surface that is rugged enough to endure years of wear and tear.
ProSlat Racks & Lifts

Racks & Lifts

ProSlat’s heavy duty ProRack is designed to provide maximum storage without loss of floor space, and our lift solves your bike storage challenge with a one button system to get them off the floor and out of the way.

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